Monday, December 24, 2012

Last-Minute Book Ideas

Here it is, the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Still looking for a last-minute book idea for someone? Here are three completely different suggestions:

Extraordinary Rendition
If you're a fan of Showtime's "Homeland" and you're bummed that Season 2 just ended, try "Extraordinary Rendition" by Paul Batista. No relation to the Detective in "Dexter." It's a thriller about a New York City lawyer asked by the ACLU to do a Pro Bono case defending Ali Hussein, who's been imprisoned as a terrorist for several years without ever being charged or even told what his alleged crime is. I won't do any plot-spoiling here. I'll just say that anyone who enjoys "Homeland" will enjoy "Extraordinary Rendition."

What Happened in Granite Creek
Second on this list is a murder mystery called "What Happened in Granite Creek," the second novel by Robyn Bradley. Robyn was on this year's BookBundlz list of best new authors. Robyn tells the story in first person, but from the POV of several different characters and in a back-and-forth timeline. A definite page-turner (or thumb-slider) with an ending you will not expect. Worthy of being made into a mini-series.

The Baseball Hall of Shame
Third on the list is The Best of Blooperstown edition of "The Baseball Hall of Shame" and it's full of quick but funny stories that any baseball fan will enjoy. In the chapter about Most Pitiful Pitching Performances of All Time we learn about the three Kansas City A's pitchers who gave up 11 runs in one inning...on only one hit. The hit was followed by three errors, a hit batsman and 8 bases-loaded walks. It almost makes Alfredo Aceves look good by comparison.

"Extraordinary Rendition" and "What Happened in Granite Creek" are both available in print and e-book editions. "The Baseball Hall of Shame" is only in print, but it will fit in a stocking so you'd better hightail it if you want one in time for tomorrow.

One more thing. If you're reading "The Night Before Christmas" (or correctly titled, "A Visit From St. Nicholas") out loud tonight, remember that most versions have a typo. Santa's seventh and eighth reindeers should be Donner and Blitzen, not Donder and Blitzen. Why? Because "donner"(only one d) and "blitzen" are the German words for thunder and lightning. Have a Merry Christmas!