Monday, August 17, 2009

My Top Ten Sitcom Characters of All Ttime

These are supporting roles, in chronological order.

1. Ed Norton, The Honeymooners. First, address the ball. "Hello, ball!"
2. Eddie Haskell, Leave It To Beaver. "My, that's a beautiful dress you have on, Mrs. Cleaver!"
3. Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show. Goober Pyle is a runner-up.
4. Ted Baxter, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The ultimate anchorman.
5. Herb Tarlek, WKRP in Cincinnati. What you always imagined the Sales Manager would look like. Big Guy and Les Nessman are runners-up.
6. Norm, Cheers. "Norm!"
7. Wayne Arnold, The Wonder Years. The perfect jerk older brother.
8. George Costanza, Seinfeld. His parents are runners-up.
9. Joey Tribbiani, Friends. "How you doooin?"
10. Jake Harper, Two and a Half Men. You have to admit, the kid is funny.

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  1. i would have aurthur spooner on their, but good list