Sunday, March 5, 2017

Roger That!

One of the funnier moments after the Patriots'unbelievable comeback in Super Bowl LVI...

...was when the Shields MRI TV spot ran. It was moments after we saw the much maligned Roger Goodell hand the Super Bowl MVP trophy to Tom Brady.

Shields had been running a spot for a month or two where TB12 is in the waiting room in a Shields MRI office and the greeter asks Tom to put his jewelry in a locker. He takes a Super Bowl Championship ring off each finger and hands them to her. After he hands her the fourth one she asks him, "Is that all?" Tom smiles and says, "For now."

Back to the post-win celebration.

Fox goes to the first break following the win and we see the same Shields MRI spot. I'm watching it wondering if they thought of doing an update. Even if they had, would it be ready to roll this quickly? The Pats were down by 25 points in the 3rd quarter and 19 in the 4th. No one had ever come back from a deficit like that.

The Shields spot plays.


.Exact same thing we've been seeing for a couple of about 24 seconds into the spot, where the woman asks, "Is that all?"...cut to Tom who says, "Oh, wait...there also this one. It's kinda new." as he pulls #5 out of his pocket. In the updated version the woman then says, "We might need to get you a bigger locker" and TB12 responds, "Roger that!"

Roger That! A great line, perfectly timed.

That's why The Boston Globe chose it as the name for their special commemorative coffee table book about the historic season.

They walk you through it.

A quick look at the previous four Super Bowl wins, all of which were won in the final seconds. Then each game in the regular season, and on to the playoffs and the Big Game. Just enough text and fun facts about Brady, Bill Belichick, Julian Edelman, Gronk, James White and the whole gang. They also to refresh your memory on previous Pats Super Bowl appearances. But wait, there's more. It's loaded with fabulous closeup Getty-quality photos.

Priced for a Yankee swap or Secret Santa.

The typical budget attached to a holiday or office gift swap is $20-or-under...which buys you very little. Maybe a couple Venti Skinny Lattes. But this book retails for only $14.95 so you can also throw in a $5 Dunkin gift card. My only complaint is that it's not hard-cover. We ordered three and the soft covers were all bent - but only a little - during shipping. Who ever said you can't buy a gift for next December in March?

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