Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Timing is everything

Last night, Tuesday, I was at Fenway with Kara and had my HD video camera rolling for every pitch that David Ortiz faced. It wasn't worth saving, as he walked, grounded to second and struck out twice. Before I left work to head to Fenway our afternoon guy, Dan Justin, asked me if I thought that Oritz would homer tonight. I said no. We discussed the idea that Lasik might help him. He doesn't seem to be "seeing the ball real good."

Tonight I was at home flipping back and forth between American Idol and the Red Sox game. The Sox were ahead 2-0 when I flipped over to Idol. When I flipped back at the next break it was 8-0! Papi had gone yard to straightaway center...and I missed it. There were three Jason jacks in the game as well. Two by Varitek and one off the bat of Bay. The season is less than a quarter gone and Varitek is pacing for 28 homers. Bay is pacing for 52 (more than Manny has ever hit in a season).

I saw Kris Allen upset Adam Lambert in Idol. I'm not surprised, because the judges were gushing all over Adam so much, week after week, that I suspected a setup. At the last minute (actually about five minutes late) Kris is announced as the winner. Keeps things interesting until the last second.

But I missed the Papi home run. Reruns on TV are not the same. In the postgame interview he said he really appreciated the fans sticking by him. Oritz is a good guy and I'm glad he got the monkey of his back.

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